Four Wheel Drive Association

I have a 4WD and for some years now currently my 8 th Pajero and in the past Toyota Landcruiser, Ford Explorer, Murano, and the wife a RAV4 to say I like them is an understatement, at best I use only 10% of their capability. Joining a 4WD club is the way to go and is on my bucket list of things to do. check out this website  another worth visiting is Mad Matt  fantastic videos on many aspects of 4WD, these 2 sites are a must for the off roadersfourwheel drive


Sydney International Boat Show 2015, had many new and interesting displays I found this very appealing, wouldnt it be nice to go out in a boat like this with the family and friends, well boab boat hire could be an option check it out I found the people very friendly.Boab boat hire

Wipe New Restoreor

At the 2015 International Boat Show, I come across this product, I have a fibre glass boat which is looking a bit tired, I wanted something simple and affordable to bring it back to look sharper, as I am associated with 2SM Hi Tide I need to look sharp. Im tiime poor so this is just what I was looking for, and thought to share it with visitors to my web site. Check it out


Also great for my 4WD to clean the headlights and rejuvenate my mouldings there is a different product for car paintboat clean

Jump Start & Recharge

Recently at the Sydney International Boat Show, I purchased a Jump Start unit.

Whenever I wanted to take my boat out the battery was flat So when I come across this compact unit not only does it work as a recharge unit for phones, etc plus its has a light the charge lasts for 6 mths check it out  ask for Brett 0410448892  or  0242975156jump strt 2

Jump start lenJump start

Southern Sydney Fishing Tours Scotty Lyons


Scotty runs Southern Sydney Fishing Tours around Botany Bay and the Port Hacking River. The fishing school will show you the hot spots to fish, Rigs and methods to help you catch and target more fish next time you head out fishing.

  • Learn to fish our southern waters
  • Soft plastic for Flathead.
  • Live bait for kingfish.
  • Tips on trolling for Tailor, Salmon, Bonito
  • Burley used to target Trevally & Bream
  • Live bait and were to find it
  • Learn how to target different species
  • Knots rigs and the type of gear to use
  • Location and how to anchor and fish these spots
  • Book in fast as spots are limited to small groups

Series Overview

The Hook and The Cook is a unique lifestyle program that brings together two of Australia’s

most popular activities – fishing and cooking. Presented by two seasoned practitioners, Scotty

Lyons (The Hook) and Paul Breheny (The Cook). Each episode is a journey to a new destination

where local seafood is sourced for consumption. Scotty and Paul readily share their knowledge

and skills and pick up a few tips themselves from local experts. A range of species are targeted

and mouth watering dishes created to match. Series One consists of 13 episodes and features

locations in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Regional produce, local seafood and

some beautiful parts of the country are highlighted throughout the series. The Hook & The Cook

commences broadcast Nationally on 7Two from January 2013.

More information can be found on

the website


Rock Fishing is fun beware of the dangers.

Hi everyone we put this video together to show how easily the sea can change, if you see the rocks are wet then don’t fish there always wear cleats on shoes, no fish is worth dying for. Calm one moment  dangerous the next, always watch the area for some time before casting a line. I trust this will warn prospective beginners on fishing from the rocks. Len Pascoe